#CareWearShareRepair #WeGetWhatWeInvestIn

Because we all CARE about peace, social justice, human + animal rights + mindful wellness on a livable planet + since we all WEAR t-shirts + tanks, hats + beanies, we at Earth Is An Island Designs SHARE $20 per item purchased to help REPAIR humanity + our beautiful, generously-providing ISLAND EARTH.

May all beings be well, be safe, be at peace, love + be loved, be free.

May we truly love, honor + be of grateful service to our beautiful, abundantly-giving Island Planet Earth, the elements + forces that offer life + to all beings.


T-shirts + Tanks, Hats + Hoodies, Pillows + Onesies for Peace, Social Justice, Human + Animal Rights + Mindful Wellness on a Livable Planet


Earth Is An Island Designs seeks to provoke open-minded thought, stimulate conversation, instigate civility, counter injustice + all forms of oppression, cultivate peace + environmentalism, truly to help revitalize a  just, sustainable + dignified world community. Toward that end (let's call it FASHLANTHROPY), with each item purchased,  we donate $20 to the world-bettering, progressive organization of your choice to support their work to further peace, social justice, human + animal rights + mindful wellness on a livable planet.

To identify the group(s) that you would like to support through your purchase, click the #CareWearShareRepair drop-down box on the product page + choose one of the amazing organizations fighting to heal humanity + the planet. Visit the Power the Fight Page to learn more about the wonderful people doing this great + good work. 

With Love + Gratitude, for Peace + Justice, kris