About Earth is an Island Designs

MISSION    To help clothe + fund the progressive movement of progressive movements that will save the planet.

EARTH IS AN ISLAND, and we are all islanders.    Too bold, too clichéd, too pie-in-the-sky, too goofy to seek to change the world one slogan, a few t-shirts at a time? I think + hope not, because that’s the sole reason for EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS’ existence. EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS produces small-batch, Brooklyn-born (now based in Manhattan), DIIMM (doing it initially mostly myself), Fashlanthropic (philanthropic fashion, get it?) products, using a business model in which at least $10 from the sale of each item will be donated to organizations engaged in progressive, positively world-changing work. Printing is done off-site using water-based inks + environmentally conscious procedures by companies who maintain fair employment practices. As purveyors of Fashlanthropy (fashion and philanthropy, brilliant, right?), at least half of the profits of the sales of all EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS products are donated to support those who are doing the real work to foster sane environmental stewardship, to counteract bigotry, violence, and hatred, to wisely honor history while educating for a sustainable future, to cultivate true + vibrant equality, to embrace + celebrate individuality + difference, to inspire us to still rise,  to love, create, explore, wonder + wander with courage, curiosity + deep compassion.

SOME FINE PRINT    Given the one-man-band nature of the operation, while orders are processed + shipped as they are received with appropriate urgency (typically within 7 days of receiving the order), your patience, patronage + support for progressive causes is most deeply appreciated (that is to say, I have a full-time job that keeps me pretty busy otherwise). As explained elsewhere, there are no returns + all sales are final. In the form of a disclaimer, EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS is not affiliated with the organizations to which the donations are made + no such relationship is suggested or implied. Your direct support, financial + otherwise, of these organizations, separate from your purchase of EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS products, is strongly encouraged. The slogans, messages + images are the creation of EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS + are solely meant to highlight, celebrate + support the amazing work done by so many people to address the myriad challenges that exist in the world today. As an aspiring artist + business-beginner, I am in the process of formulating my philosophy about how to both freely spread the messages I mean to convey + to protect the artistic + intellectual property (such as it is, pretty much just some words on some shirts) of the designs. As such, I am seeking trademark protection for the EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS name + maintain, at present, the automatic copyright protection of the designs while I further explore the “some rights reserved” procedures of the “copyleft” movement, and Creative Commons licenses. More to come on this.

EARTH IS AN ISLAND DESIGNS is NOT A BRAND – that is, its purpose as a Social Enterprise is not to grow the business, or generate hits or likes or unique visits, or merely to increase profits + broaden market share. It is, instead, decidedly + purposefully an endeavor not just of + certainly not primarily for itself. My intent is to draw on + directly to support the work of others, to create MESSAGES, hopefully inspiring us to LOVE and THANK THE EARTH, to seek a JUST PEACE, to pursue a just new HUMANIFESTO, to stand with and honor the DIGNITY of MIGRANTS, REFUGEES + INDIGENOUS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE, so that ALL BEINGS MAY BE WELL, that lead attention to those doing progressive, critical, crucial, imperative, life-saving + world-changing work, with the MISSION of supporting + in my own small way of participating in a PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT OF PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENTS that will preserve compassionate, reciprocal, dignified life on this one beautiful, bountiful, abundant EARTH, our ISLAND HOME.

ARE YOU WITH ME?  EARTH IS AN ISLAND + we are all Islanders, with nowhere else but this beautiful, abundant, nurturing, resilient planet to live. Let’s save Her, yes + ourselves + the future in the bargain. Enjoy Yourself!

Lean Left, Do Right + Power the Fight!

With Love, For Peace + Justice, Kris