Power The Fight

Earth is an Island Designs is not in any way affiliated with the amazing organizations doing the great + good work to stand for universal human rights + the dignity of all beings, true peace + social justice + the care + conservation of our amazing + abundantly giving island home, Earth (+ no such affiliation with or endorsement from the organizations to whom we donate funds is implied or should be assumed). We seek to financially support these groups, representing the intersectionality, interconnectedness + extreme urgency of our times, through fashlanthropy by donating $20 from the sale of each product to them. TO INDICATE WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING AMAZING ORGANIZATIONS YOU'D LIKE TO SUPPORT, JUST CLICK ON THE "CONTRIBUTE TO POWER THE FIGHT" DROP BOX ON THE PRODUCT PAGE + SELECT WHICH GROUP YOU WISH TO SUPPORT WITH YOUR PURCHASE. WE'LL DO THE REST BY INVESTING $20 PER ITEM PURCHASED IN THE WORLD-BETTERING ORGANIZATION OF YOUR CHOICE. We deeply, strongly, breathlessly, adamantly, eagerly, relentlessly + appreciatively invite + encourage our customers to remain informed about their amazing efforts (just click on the name of the organization below) + to donate as you see fit on your own.

           AMOUNT INVESTED TO DATE: $17,950

350.org (PTF Code: 350)

Amazon Watch (PTF Code: Amazon Watch)

American Black Cross (PTF Code: ABC)

American Civil Liberties Union (PTF Code: ACLU)

American Friends Service Committee (PTF Code: AFSC)

American Indian College Fund (PTF Code: AICF)

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PTF Code: ASPCA)

Amnesty International (PTF Code: Amnesty)

Anti-Defamation League (PTF Code: ADL)

Anti-Recidivism Coalition (PTF Code: Anti-Recidivism)

Artists Athletes Activists (PTC Code: AAA)

Asian American Federation (PTF Code: Asian American Federation)

Asian American Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Fund (PTF Code: AAPI Fund)

The Bail Project (PTF Code: Bail Project)

Black Lives Matter (PTF Code: BLM)

Black Veterans Project (PTF Code: Black Veterans)

Boys and Girls Clubs of America (PTF Code: Boys and Girls Clubs)

BronxWorks (PTF Code: BronxWorks)

Calling All Crows (PTF Code: Crows)

Campaign Zero (PTF Code: Zero)

The Center for Victims of Torture (PTF Code: The Center)

City Harvest (PTF Code: City Harvest)

Color of Change (PTF Code: Color of Change)

Common Defense (PTF Code: Common Defense)

Community Foundation for Mississippi (PTF Code: Jackson)

Community Foundation of Greater Flint (PTF Code: CFGF)

Cooperation Jackson (PTF Code: Cooperation Jackson)

Council on American-Islamic Relations (PTF Code: CAIR)

Covenant House (PTF Code: Covenant)

Deep Forest Foundation (PTF Code: Deep Forest)

Defenders of Wildlife (PTF Code: Defenders)

Democracy Now (PTF Code: Democracy)

Direct Relief (PTF Code: Direct Relief)

Do It For The Love (PTF Code: DITFL)

Earth Guardians (PTF Code: Guardians)

Earth Island Institute (PTF Code: Earth Island)

Earth Justice (PTF Code: Earth Justice)

Environmental Defense Fund (PTF Code: EDF)

Equal Justice Initiative (PTF Code: Equal Justice)

Everytown for Gun Safety (PTF Code: Everytown)

Fair Fight (PTF Code: Fair Fight)

Feeding America (PTF Code: Feeding America)

First Nations Development Institute (PTF Code: First Nations)

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (PTF Code: Giffords)

Global Coralition (PTF Code: Global Coralition)

Grannies Respond (PTF Code: Grannies)

Greenpeace (PTF Code: Greenpeace)

Habitat for Humanity (PTF Code: Habitat)

Harriet's Bookshop (PTF Code: Harriet's Bookshop)

Harriet Tubman Museum (PTF Code: Harriet Tubman)

HealthRight International (PTF Code: HealthRight)

Heifer International (PTF Code: Heifer)

Hispanic Federation (PTF Code: Coqui)

Honor the Earth (PTF Code: Honor)

The Humane Society (PTF Code: Humane)

Human Rights Campaign (PTF Code: HRC)

Human Rights Watch (PTF Code: Watch)

Indigenous Environmental Network (PTF Code: IENEarth)

Innocence Project (PTF Code: Innocence)

International Rescue Committee (PTF Code: IRC)

The Jackie Robinson Foundation (PTF Code: 42)

The John Lewis Bridge Project (PTF Code: John Lewis Bridge)

Junglekeepers (PTF Code: Jungle Keepers)

Kayapo.org (PTF Code: Kayapo)

The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change (PTF Code: King Center)

Know Your Rights Camp (PTF Code: I'm With Kap)

Lakota People's Law Project (PTF Code: Lakota Law)

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary (PTF Code: LFS)

The Lenape Center (PTF Code: Lenape Center)

The Loveland Foundation (PTF Code: Loveland)

Love Light + Melody (PTF Code: Ileana)

March For Our Lives (PTF Code: March)

Medicins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (PTF Code: MSF)

Middle Collegiate Church (PTF Code: Middle Collegiate)

Ministry Against the Death Penalty (PTF Code: Sister Helen)

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women USA (PTF Code: MMIW USA)

Movement Hub (PTF Code: Movement)

National African-American Reparations Commission (PTF Code: NAARC)

NAACP Legal Defense Fund (PTF Code: NAACP)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (PTF Code: NAMI)

National Bail Out (PTF Code: Bail Out)

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (PTF Code: Abolish)

National Domestic Workers Alliance (PTF Code: NDWA)

National Network of Abortion Funds (PTF Code: NNAF)

National Resources Defense Council (PTF Code: NRDC)

National Urban League (PTF Code: NUL)

Native American Rights Fund (PTF Code: NARF)

Native Youth Leadership Alliance (PTF Code: Native Youth)

The Nature Conservancy (PTF Code: Nature)

Navajo Water Project (PTF Code: Navajo Water Project)

Nia Tero (PTF Code: Nia Tero)

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (PTF Code: NATIFS)

Nuyorican Poets Cafe (PTF Code: Nuyorican Poets Cafe)

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund (PTF Code: One Fair Wage)

Operation Backpack (PTF Code: Backpack)

Our Children's Trust (PTF Code: Children's Trust)

Oxfam America (PTF Code: Oxfam)

Pauly's Project (PTF Code: Pauly)

Peace Action (PTF Code: Peace Action)

People's Action (PTF Code: People's Action)

Philippine Eagle Foundation (PTF Code: Eagle)

Physicians for Human Rights (PTF Code: PHR)

Planned Parenthood (PTF Code: Choice)

Polaris Project (PTF Code: Polaris)

Poor People's Campaign (PTF Code: PPC)

Pray With Our Feet (PTF Code: Pray)

Presente (PTF Code: Presente)

Puerto Rico Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (PTF Code: PRVOAD)

Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu (PTF Code: Protect Maunakea)

Radical Dharma (PTF Code: Radical)


Rainforest Alliance (PTF Code: Rainforest)

RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline (PTF Code: RAINN)

Reporters Without Borders (PTF Code: Reporters)

Salt Eaters Bookshop (PTF Code: Salt Eaters Bookshop)

Sea Legacy (PTF Code: Sea Legacy)

Sea Trees (PTF Code: Sea Trees)

The Sentencing Project (PTF Code: Sentencing Project)

Sierra Club (PTF Code: Sierra)

Smile Train (PTF Code: Smile)

Soul Fire Farm (PTF Code: Soul Fire)

Soul Force Politics (PTF Code: Soul Force)

Southern Poverty Law Center (PTF Code: SPLC)

Special Olympics (PTF Code: Special)

The Spina Bifida Association (PTF Code: SBA)

Stand With Standing Rock (PTF Code: Standing Rock)

Stop AAPI Hate (PTF Code: Stop Hate)

Sunrise Movement (PTF Code: Sunrise)

Survivor International (PTF Code: Survivor)

Team Rubicon (PTF Code: Rubicon)

Team TLC NYC (PTF Code: TLC)

Trans Lifeline (PTF Code: Trans Lifeline)

UNHCR - United Nations Refugee Agency (PTF Code: UNHCR)


Union of Concerned Scientists (PTF Code: Science)

United Negro College Fund (PTF Code: UNCF)

United Ukranian American Relief Committee (PTF Code: UUARC)

United We Dream (PTF Code: Dream)

Until Freedom (PTF Code: Until Freedom)

Urban Ocean Lab (PTF Code: Urban Ocean)

Vera Institute of Justice (PFT Code: Vera Institute)

Virunga National Park (PTF Code: Virunga)

Wild Earth Allies (PTF Code: Wild Earth)

Wild Salmon Center (PTF Code: Wild Salmon)

World Central Kitchen (PTF Code: World Central)

Women's March (PTF Code: Women's March)

For the Invest in Vets Collection:

It has been the true honor of my career to work + grow with + learn from military veterans in the Bronx, NY for the past 10+ years. As civilians, we must do much better to show our gratitude + to honor, understand + support those who serve + draw from the best that they have to offer. For many, their service + sacrifice will be lifelong. Powering that fight, $10 from the sale of each item from this collection will be donated to the following organizations that aid veterans make an effective + rewarding transition back to the homefront.

Black Veterans Project (PTF Code: Black Veterans)

Common Defense (PTF Code: Common Defense)

Headstrong - Healing the Hidden Wounds of War (PTF Code: Headstrong)

Semper Fi Fund (PTF Code: SFF)

Team Rubicon (PTF Code: Rubicon)

Veterans for Peace (PTF Code: Veterans for Peace)

For the Left Wing Tees Collection:

IMHO, we must support + elect the most progressive candidates in every race at every level of government + we must champion true democracy, peace + justice, equality + sane environmentalism over wealth accumulation, militarism, extractive energy sources, White supremacy, patriarchy + malignant capitalism. Powering these fights, $10 per item sold from this collection will be donated to the following organizations that fund + support progressive candidates, prioritizing women + candidates of color.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (PTF Code: AOC718)

Bernie Sanders 2020 (PTF Code: Berning Man)

Emily's List (PTF Code: Emily)

Higher Heights Leadership Fund (PTF Code: Higher Heights)

Our Revolution (PTF Code: Our Revolution)

Woke Vote (PTF Code: Woke Vote)

For the Mindful Tees Collection:

Inbreathe. Outbreathe. Float. Gaze inwardly, gently, without judgment. Ride the ever-flowing stream of constancy + change. Powering the Fight to bring the expansive gifts of meditation + mindfulness to all, $10 from the sale of items in this collection will be donated to the following organizations that offer scholarships to meditation retreats + bring mindfulness to prisons and schools.

Mindful Schools (PTF Code: Mindful Schools)

Peace In Schools (PTF Code: Peace in Schools)

Prison Mindfulness Institute (PTF Code: Prison Mindfulness)