Power The Fight

Earth Is An Island Designs is not in any way affiliated with the amazing organizations doing the great + good work to stand for universal human rights + the dignity of all beings, true peace + social justice + the care + conservation of our amazing + abundantly giving island home, Earth (+ no such affiliation with or endorsement from the organizations to whom we donate funds is implied or should be assumed). We seek to financially support these groups, representing the intersectionality, interconnectedness + extreme urgency of our times, through fashlanthropy by donating $20 from the sale of each product to them. TO INDICATE WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING AMAZING ORGANIZATIONS YOU'D LIKE TO SUPPORT, JUST CLICK ON THE "CONTRIBUTE TO POWER THE FIGHT" DROP BOX ON THE PRODUCT PAGE + SELECT WHICH GROUP YOU WISH TO SUPPORT WITH YOUR PURCHASE. WE'LL DO THE REST BY INVESTING $20 PER ITEM PURCHASED IN THE WORLD-BETTERING ORGANIZATION OF YOUR CHOICE. We deeply, strongly, breathlessly, adamantly, eagerly, relentlessly + appreciatively invite + encourage our customers to remain informed about their amazing efforts (just click on the name of the organization below) + to donate as you see fit on your own.

           AMOUNT INVESTED TO DATE: $22,180


American Indian College Fund (PTF Code: AICF)

Black Veterans Project (PTF Code: Black Veterans)

Equal Justice Initiative (PTF Code: Equal Justice)

The Gathering For Justice (PTF Code: The Gathering)

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary (PTF Code: LFS)

Love Light + Melody (PTF Code: Ileana)

Prison Mindfulness Institute (PTF Code: Prison Mindfulness)

Radical Dharma/Transformative Change (PTF Code: Transformative Change)


Soul Fire Farm (PTF Code: Soul Fire)

Trans Lifeline (PTF Code: Lifeline)

Urban Ocean Lab (PTF Code: Urban Ocean)