Mindful Masculinity

Kris Martin

Mindful Masculinity

I strive to do no harm;

to remain aware of the ever-flowing stream of constancy and change within all things;

to seek personal growth and fulfillment while preferentially valuing communal well-being;

to be affirmatively, philosophically, behaviorally feminist; to believe in the radical idea of equality across all genders;

to be affirmatively, philosophically, behaviorally anti-racist; to embrace and celebrate diversity and the richness of multiculturality, and believe in the radical idea of complete racial equality and boundless cultural wealth;

to be affirmatively, philosophically, behaviorally non-homophobic and LGBTQIA-affirming;

to practice radical equality and understand that no one is inherently better or more worthy than anyone else;

to not equate financial wealth with essential worth;

to give more than I take, to take only what I need and to recognize that what is needed is most typically less than I am led to believe;

to cultivate humility and reject arrogance;

to cultivate tolerance, and reject and counter bigotry;

to not be threatened by others’ strengths;

neither to engage in unnecessary battles, nor to avoid the necessary ones;

to seek peaceful, respectful resolution to conflicts;

to relate with others in ways that are respectful, synergistic, non-exploitive and mutually and explicitly consensual;

to honor and reckon with the truths of historical and current violence, exploitation, oppression, hoarding, bigotry, destruction of the natural world, and to seek meaningful reparations for these truths;

again, to do no harm.

I strive, as well, to engage in an evolving, expansive definition of strength;

to recognize compassion, humility and vulnerability as signs of real strength;

to engage in vigorous, healthy, open-minded debate;

to ask hard questions, and play devil’s advocate, especially with my own beliefs;

to engage in on-going, honest, curious self-reflection, accountability and eager personal growth;

to honor and accept, as well, my inevitable decline and ultimate mortality;

to acknowledge my flaws, imperfections, and see mistakes as opportunities for developing wisdom;

to live with as much persistence, patience and egolessness as I can muster;

to breathe, float, and practice gratitude daily;

to uplift, and not put down;

to practice non-attachment to material things;

to welcome intimacy with and openness to myself and others;

to engage in non-destructive exploration;

to seek to achieve, have fun, laugh, love, travel, explore, dance and learn in ways that do no harm to others;

when I do cause harm, to limit it as much as possible;

to be observant of my surroundings and appreciative of the perspective of others;

to recognize that all are both sifu and student, that the sifu remains the student, and that our teachers are all around and available to us always;

to honor the ageless wisdom of the elders, and the energy and passion of the neophyte;

to value curiosity, growth, creativity, art (in its many forms);

to embrace, welcome and celebrate the outsider and the underdog, and basic universal principles, such as honesty, fairness and respect for all beings;

to check my moral compass daily and with each decision, and to act for the greater good.

I strive, further, to maintain life-long love for the Earth;

to protect the planet, all of Her beings and the elements and forces of the universe that support life;

to remain respectful and flow with grace and amazement to the rhythm and pace of the universe;

to honor the past, engage actively in the present, always with an eye to the future and what and who comes after;

to pause, reflect, collaborate, savor and seek joy;

to experience each day as a chance and every moment as a choice;

to be gentle, generous, caring and compassionate, and to love fully from the very depths of my whole heart;

to offer lovingkindness and kindlovingness to all beings, including myself and those with whom I differ and disagree;

to live one breath at a time;

still, always and ever, to do no harm.


That is, I strive to be a decent human being, and to respect the inherently equal worth of all beings.

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