This Counts Discounts

Check here for special offers and discounts for purchases to help POWER THE FIGHT! The mission of Earth is an Island Designs, as a social enterprise, is to make lasting connections with socially engaged folks like yourself in support of great organizations doing the good work to promote peace, human rights, social justice, enlightened environmentalism + mindfulness programs in prisons and schools. Your efforts to make our beautiful, abundantly-giving island planet, Earth, a more just, peaceful, loving place to live are most deeply appreciated. Your business + each + every thing that you, we + all beings do counts, mightily.

  • For your first purchase, use the discount code allbewell10 for 10% off on the price of your items.
  • Your help in spreading the good word via social media is most appreciated! To receive a special discount code for 15% off on a future purchase, post a picture of yourself wearing an Earth is an Island Designs shirt or hat on Instagram, and mention us, using the handle @leanleftdoright, and the Power the Fight organization you are supporting (using the organization's @ handle or # hashtag) in your message. You will then receive the special code via Instagram direct messaging. Let's get the word out!