Black Lives Matter to Me Adult Unisex Crew


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Black Lives Matter to Me Adult Unisex Crew

As a biophile, I value, appreciate + honor all living beings + the elements + forces that support life. I have designed + wear this shirt to specifically + directly honor amazing, majestic, strong, wise, courageous, beautiful Black lives + People of Color who face + survive historical + present-day brutality, injustice, bigotry, disrespect + unequal opportunity. Dismantling white supremacy is unquestionably one of the most essential tasks of our time. Let's get on with it.

With each shirt purchased, at least $10 will be donated to support progressive organizations doing the great + good, world-bettering work to promote peace, social justice, human + animal rights + mindful wellness on a liveable planet.

Available in black with white lettering printed on the front.

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