Critical Race Theorist Adult Unisex Crew


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Critical Race Theorist Adult Unisex Crew

Well past time to set correct the crass dishonesty + horrid bigotry peddled by some who refuse to honestly reckon with our collective past + present-day racial inequities. Originally proposed by legal scholars including Derrick Bell + Kimberle Crenshaw, Critical Race Theory provides a lens through which we can meaningfully seek to understand multiple significant racial inequities, directly hypothesizing that they are the effect of the laws, policies, procedures, protocols, practices, programs, priorities, preferences + privileges that promote the flawed notion of white supremacy currently + historically at the direct expense of Communities of Color. CRT can elucidate the reparative + corrective practices that we will collectively need to undertake in order to create the equal, just + peaceful society that we all deserve. May we all be curious + courageous in our pursuit of truth + justice.

With each shirt purchased, at least $10 will be donated to support progressive organizations doing the great + good, world-bettering work to promote peace, social justice, human + animal rights + mindful wellness on a liveable planet.

Available in black with gray lettering printed on the front.

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