Wealth Does Not Equal Worth Adult Capsleeve Tee


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Wealth Does Not Equal Worth Adult Capsleeve Tee

Extreme wealth is unimpressive + obscene. Income inequality + the sequestration of massive wealth by the uber-rich is devastating to society + frankly immoral. There is no relationship between relative wealth + the quality of one's character. None. Just saying. Greed is awful + so are the challenges of living in poverty. Let's end poverty + hunger (while we're at it, also racism, misogyny, war-making, nuclear weapons, bigotry, patriarchy + carbon-based energies) in our lifetime.

With each shirt purchased, at least $10 will be donated to support progressive organizations doing the great + good, world-bettering work to promote peace, social justice, human + animal rights + mindful wellness on a liveable planet.

Available in black with white + orange lettering printed on the front.

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